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Irinox holding cabinet - Model NICE

Irinox holding cabinet - Model NICE

  • Tray capacity: Max 31 Trays GN 2/1
  • Runs at positive and negative temperatures
  • Compact in size, but with a large storage capacity
  • Exclusive Dynamic Power system
  • Defrosting System ensures no ice formation
  • Internal LED lighting system
  • Provided with a humidity control system
  • Patented sanitization system
  • Door closes automatically, with high capacity seals and a blocking mechanism
  • Irinox custom handle is solid and ergonomic
  • New controls with an easy to read modern display
  • Few buttons to control programming in a simple and safe way
  • Built with state-of-the-art materials and components with low environmental impact
  • Operating Temperature: +15°C to -15°C in 43°C ambient


Dimensions: 870mm(w) x 1092mm(d) x 1970mm(h)

Electrical Power: .97Kw, 1 Phase, 4.7-7.9 amp

Warranty: 24 months parts & labour


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